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We are capable to produce the castings by sand casting, investment casting, die casting craft etc.Iron Casting:Material:grey iron 150-350,ductile iron 450-750,ADI,malleable cast iron,abrasion resistant cast iron. Min. Unit Weight: 0.1kg, Max.Unit Weight:140ton. Steel Casting:Material:carbon steel,low manganese casting steel,stainless steel, heat resisting cast steel.Min. Unit Weight: 0.2kg ,Max.Unit Weight:260ton. Nonferrous Metals Casting:Material:aluminum alloy,cupper alloy,zinc alloy.Min. Unit Weight: 0.1kg,Max.Unit Weight:5ton. Investment Casting:Material:carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum alloy,cupper alloy,titanium alloy,high-nickel alloy.Min.Unit Weight: 0.01kg ,Max.Unit Weight:180kg. Die Casting:Material:aluminum alloy,manganese alloy,zinc alloy.Min. Unit Weight: 0.1kg,Max.Unit Weight:12kg.
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